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THANOS BANTIS professional photographer 


The wedding photographer Thanos Bantis was born in Athens in 1977. Having been a student of Nikos Gardelis and through continuous updating, equipment renewal and diverse professional partnerships, he has managed to gain valuable experience, bringing together his own photographic aesthetic.






The big day is getting closer and among other preparations is also the booking of the photographer?

Where are you going to find the professional that combines professionalism, experience, reasonable prices, modern equipment, sensitivity, emotional sense, tolerance, understanding, patience and perfectionism?

It can be nowhere, perhaps somewhere!

Ask me to make an appointment to talk about your upcoming event and explain to me how do you imagine a likely outcome.

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Until now, all of my collaborations have taught me a few things...

Photography most of the times tends to present the human feelings as they really are. One fake smile is not enough to change the result. Most people would prefer a familiar face to take their photograph, especially at moments when they reveal their intimate feelings.

Paramount necessity for me is to manage to create this "intimate atmosphere" to all of my collaborations and at the same time to maintain the necessary professionalism.

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